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How to watch Sonic the Hedgehog: stream the new movie online anywhere

This live-action movie based on Sega's global blockbuster video game franchise was going great guns at the box office until the coronavirus crisis forced cinema closures all over the world. As a result, just mere weeks after hitting theatres, it has had its home streaming release date pushed forward and is now available for you to enjoy in your living room. Here's how to watch Sonic the Hedgehog online no matter where you are in the world.

Having suffered wide derision when its first trailer was released, forcing the movie's animators to completely redesign the lead character, Sonic The Hedgehog has since gone on to become one of 2020's biggest hits so far.

The film follows the iconic video game hero who has served as mascot for the Japanese gaming brand Sega for the last 30 years.

Embracing his life on Earth, the wise-cracking lightning-footed blue blur finds his world turned upside down wen he knocks out an electrical power grid, sparking a battle between himself and Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey).

Thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak and the limitations placed on public gatherings, and movie fans now being bored stuck at home, studios are bringing forward home release dates. Read on and we'll explain how to watch Sonic The Hedgehog online from anywhere.

How to watch Sonic The Hedgehog from outside your country

While a great many of us are no doubt at home self-isolating in line with government guidance, the fact is you may still find yourself away from during these unprecedented times - in which case, a taste of home may just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, when it comes to watching your usual streaming services, from abroad, this isn't always possible due to annoying geo-blocking restrictions.

Fortunately, there's an easy remedy. Downloading a VPN lets you to watch movies like Sonic The Hedgehog and much more no matter where you are in the world. This simple bit of software changes your IP address so that you can keep streaming movies and TV shows anywhere.

How to watch Sonic The Hedgehog: online streaming options in the US

How to watch Sonic The Hedgehog online: UK streaming options

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How to watch Sonic The Hedgehog online in Australia

How to watch Sonic The Hedgehog online: stream the new 2020 movie in Canada


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite listed on store complete with price, specs and images

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has leaked extensively in recent weeks and now full details of the slate can be found on an online store – even though it hasn’t been announced yet.

B&H (an electronics store) has listed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite on its website, as spotted by Twitter leaker @MaxJmb, complete with a starting price of $349.99 (roughly £280/AU$575). That’s actually slightly less than previous price leaks, though note that this is for a Wi-Fi model, and there’s also rumored to be a more expensive LTE version.

As well as a price, the listing also included images, some of which you can see below. These match what we’ve seen before, including a black bezel around the screen, a single-lens camera, and an S Pen stylus. Though it's shown in ‘Chiffon Rose’, 'Oxford Gray' and 'Angora Blue', only the last of which (along with black) had been leaked previously.

Finally, there’s an assortment of specs, which largely match previous leaks, but with some slight differences. There’s a 7,040mAh battery, 4GB of RAM and 64GB or 128GB of storage listed for instance, all of which matches previous leaks.

But then this listing claims that the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite has an Exynos 9610 chipset, where previously we’d heard it would use an Exynos 9611.

There’s also the mention of a 10.4-inch 2000 x 1000 screen, and while we’ve heard that size before, previous leaks had put it at 2000 x 1200. Plus, elsewhere this listing states that it’s just 10.1 inches, so it’s not even consistent. As such, where the specs differ here we suspect they’re wrong, and perhaps simply typos.

Regardless, with all these leaks it’s likely that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite will be announced very soon, so we should know the truth before long. TechRadar will bring you all the news as soon as it’s official, so stay tuned.


Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 still far off, as Bethesda dashes E3 announcement hopes

Bethesda will not be sharing any news about its upcoming Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6 games in place of its cancelled E3 showcase, according to Bethesda executive Pete Hines.

Hines, senior vice president of global marketing and comms, made the announcement on Twitter, despite numerous other developers confirming they would host some form of digital showcase when the E3 2020 expo was meant to have occurred in June.

The tweet does mention “exciting things to share about our games” and that there will be “more in the coming months” for Bethesda fans to look forward to, though it seems any news we hoped to get during E3 may be pushed until a later date, possibly to prevent news getting lost amid a host of other digital announcements and live streams.

Reach for the Starfield

The cancellation of E3 2020 was a big blow to many, and it’s clear that developers are having to be savvy about when and how they show off new games, trailers, or teasers that might otherwise have been showed off at the event in June.

We first heard about Starfield back in 2018, when Bethesda revealed it was working on yet another single-player RPG franchise – possibly taking the reins from the Fallout franchise, which has suffered a big blow to its reputation since the buggy and ill-judged release of the online Fallout 76 game – set somewhere among the stars.

But since that initial Starfield trailer, we’ve heard nothing but crickets, and 2020 seems like long enough of a wait for more news on the game.

The same press conference also revealed that Elder Scrolls 6 was in the works, though, again, we’ve heard little since. There's no doubt that both games are being planned for next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles – if not for current-gen consoles as well – but until Bethesda unzips its lips, there’s little firm information to go on.

Take a look at the original Starfield trailer below:

Via Polygon


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus benchmark leak shows far lower score than iPhone 12

We recently saw an iPhone 12 leaked benchmark test which gave us a glimpse at its potential processing power, and now the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus is another upcoming phone which also had its results leaked. However these new numbers are... well, quite a bit lower.

These test results were spotted by Sammobile, in the listings of Geekbench. Sammobile noticed a phone listed under SM-N986U - for context, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G had the model number SM-N976U, so this is very likely its successor.

Specs in the benchmark entry include 8GB RAM and the Snapdragon 865 chipset, which is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S20 in certain regions (Samsung uses its own Exynos processors in other regions).

The benchmark scores show a single-core score of 985 and a multi-core score of 3220, and if accurate would mean this handset beats any other Samsung phones to date. However, as previously stated, they don't touch the recently-leaked iPhone 12 results from mid-March.

The iPhone 12 benchmark scores were 1,658 for single-core and 4,612 for multi-core, so it seems its rumored Bionic A14 chipset will beat the Snapdragon 865. 

This isn't much of a surprise, since Apple's chipsets tend to have some of the best processing power in the smartphone world, while Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors have their own advantages like power efficiency.

In addition, at this top-end of mobile speeds, it's unlikely that many users will notice a huge difference when using the phones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 chipset questions

While Sammobile reported the chipset looks to be a Snapdragon 865, a prevalent leaker thinks it'll actually be the Snapdragon 865 Plus, suggesting Qualcomm is repeating its 2019 action of putting out a Plus version of its popular chipset towards the end of the year.

Leaker UniverseIce dug into the benchmark some more, and thinks the chipset shown must actually be the Snapdragon 865 Plus, based on the frequency levels of the chipsets.

This information contradicts leaked Galaxy Note 20 code found recently, which indicates the phone range will have the non-Plus chipset, but neither leak is from a convincing enough source for us to think one is more likely than the other.

We'll find out the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus processor, as well as everything else about the phone, in around August when we're expecting the range to launch. Before that we're likely in for plenty more leaks, so stay tuned for them.


How to watch PE with Joe Wicks on Thursday 2 April - live now on YouTube

We're now onto day three of week two of Joe Wicks' PE workout, and many people across the country are starting to feel the benefit of the morning routine of watching an enthusiastic man shout fitness commands at them.

If you're looking to get your first taste of PE with Joe Wicks, it's a simple set up: we've got a guide below on how to access his BodyCoachTV YouTube channel, as well as our recommendations of great tech and fitness kit to help you get even fitter if you're committing to this plan while in self-isolation.

While PE with Joe Wicks sounds like it's for kids, it's also great for adults too, with modified versions for those of us who have 'neglected' strength training for the last... twelve years.

Yesterday Wicks announced during his PE workout that his pledge to pass all advertising revenue from these workouts to the NHS had crossed £80,000 / $100,000, which means that just by watching you're helping save lives.

And for those that have been watching closely but missed yesterday, good news: the music in the background has gone, clearly dismissed as an experiment after it was hard to here his instructions.

Head back to this article just before 9AM GMT to start moving along with Wicks, where we'll embed the live article in the section below our recommendations of what to buy - and scroll to the bottom to get the jump on some other workouts if you're feeling super energetic today.

If you're working out in front of the TV or huddled around a smartphone, here are our quick picks of what we recommend to enhance the experience:

Or, if you don't want to buy a whole new TV to get easy smarts, a Chromecast or Roku stick will allow you to easily stream to your TV too:

And if you want to track your heart rate and effort over the course of the workout, or just want to extend your exercise, then check out these picks:

What time does Joe Wicks’ PE lesson start each day?

If you’re itching to get your fix of Wicks live each day, then you’ll need to have YouTube open and waiting at 9AM BST each day. 

(If you're in other parts of the world and don't want to get up ridiculously early each day to watch live, we've got the recent uploads listed at the bottom of this article).

The sessions last for 30 mins, and include a warm up and cool down, and two repetitions of the circuits he walks (or sprints) you through.

How do I watch Joe Wicks’ PE sessions?

If you‘re interesting in getting involved with The Body Coach as it happens, and can cope with irrepressible enthusiasm as this hour, then you’ll need to have your YouTube portal open on your TV, tablet or smartphone at around 8:55AM BST.

Once ready, navigate to The Body Coach’s YouTube channel on your TV, phone or iPad (more on how to do that below).

You won't see him on camera straight away - but try to memorise all the items on his shelves as there's a daily spot the difference for the die-hard fans.

(If you want to watch it on catch up each day, at a time that suits you, then you can just follow the same instructions above, where the previous workouts will be posted to catch up on.)

How to watch Joe Wicks’ kids workout on a TV

The best way - if you’ve got the space - is to watch the workout in front of a TV. There are myriad ways to get YouTube on your tellybox, thus making it simpler to get active.

Using your smart TV

The easiest way is if you've got a smart TV into your life - open up your smart hub and navigate to YouTube, where you can follow the searching instructions above to find The Body Coach TV, with a new video going live each day at 9AM GMT.

If you don't see it straight away, then it should appear just before 9AM - and Wicks gives you a few minutes to get ready too.

Using Google Chromecast

Alternatively you can use streaming sticks - one of the simplest is Google's Chromecast, which plugs into your HDMI socket and will stream content from your phone to the TV.

Fire up YouTube on your smartphone or tablet and look for the icon below in one of the corners:

(The same icon will also show you any compatible smart TVs or streaming sticks on your network that you can 'cast' the show to - you might be surprised which devices are already enabled).

The Chromecast isn't too expensive either, and is a simple way to turn your TV smart - allowing you to stream a multitude of services (like Netflix and other streaming platforms) from your small phone screen to a larger display:

How to watch on a Roku stick:

More advanced than a Chromecast, the Roku stick turns your TV into a smart hub easily too. When plugged in, hit the 'source' button on your remote and navigate to the HDMI port where your Roku stick is located (or, with some modern TVs, just pressing the 'Home' button on the Roku remote will achieve the same thing).

From there, open the YouTube app and navigate to the Body Coach TV at 9AM GMT...  or fire it up on your smartphone or tablet and look for the 'cast' icon above, tap it and see if the Roku is listed (which it should be if all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network).

How to watch Joe Wicks’ PE workout on an iPad

You’ve got two options here: if you’ve already got the YouTube app downloaded onto your tablet, then just search for ‘The Body Coach’ and click the icon at the top of the screen for ‘Body Coach TV’.

From there you’ll see a list of all the videos, and at 9AM the new option should pop up - although you may need to refresh.

You can achieve the same thing if you don’t have the iPad app by heading to your Safari or Chrome browser and clicking the link to the The Body Coach’s YouTube channel - you can play the video directly from there, and hit the full-screen option in the bottom right-hand corner.

How did Joe Wicks break his arm?

For those wondering why Joe Wicks' PE workouts feature a man that can't do all of his exercises because of the cast on his wrist, it's because he fell off his bike before embarking on a pledge to become the nation's PE teacher - you can see all about it over on his Instagram Stories.

How to catch up on Joe Wicks' other PE workouts

If you missed anything, or want to browse previous workouts, they're all available on the same YouTube channel above - or you can watch them right here:

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