Thursday, March 08, 2012

How to Keep Your Facebook Account Secure

Nowadays, more people's Facebook account are being hacked. Well, there is a new threat, which has stolen over 45,000 account information including passwords. Hackers target Facebook users by luring them to click a link, where after clicking you will get the Ramnit Worm (which originated in April 2010). After getting infected, your account will automatically post malicious links on your wall and your account will be compromised because your login details will be stolen.

Koobface is another malware that quickly spreads through Facebook via messages. "You look so funny in this video" or "You look awesome in this movie" are the common subjects to these messages. When users attempt to play the links, they will get an error message telling them to update their Adobe Flash software. Do not download this software, because the malware Koobface is in the downloaded files. Once downloaded, It will infect your system and get private information such as credit cards, bank accounts, Facebook accounts, etc.

Ways to keep your Facebook account secure
1. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
To enable this, Go to Facebook > Account Settings > Security Settings > Secure Browsing
Then Enable it.

2. Regularly changing your password
I personally change my password regularly every week. I'll give you a hint about my password I'm using right now. It has 34 characters, contains alpha-numeric symbols (which is some are capitalized) and special symbols. Don't use passwords such as "password". Those are an easy target for hackers. If you want, you can refer to my article Most Common Passwords and Tips to Improve It

3. Enable Login Notifications
It will notify you when someone logs in to your account. When you are always at the same place, you will see if someone logs in from another location. This setting can also be found on Security Settings on Account Settings.

4. Verify Facebook applications
Most of the malware spreads through Facebook applications. View required options and remove those apps that you allowed to access your Facebook chat and Wall.


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