Friday, February 24, 2012

San Beda college freshman died from hazing

Fraternities are rampant here in the Philippines. Many people, specifically students, had lost their lives trying to join in this kind of organizations.

Recently, another student had died on the process of joining one. Marvin Reglos, a San Beda freshman student,  sustained serious bruises on several parts of the body. He died because of these injuries he received from fraternity hazing. "Lambda Rho Beta fraternity does not tolerate hazing. We denounce hazing or any other barbaric act executed on neophytes of the fraternity. This principle has always been ingrained in and frequently reiterated to all our brothers." said Ariel Radovan, the fraternity's spokesperson.
Of the four suspects, two were identified by the police and were indicted for murder.

R.A. 8049. Even if it is implemented, it seems that it is still not followed by fraternities and sororities in the Philippines. R.A. 8049 for your info, is simply anti hazing law. It states that no initiation or hazing should be done by any ORGANIZATION. And that's the reason why many death incidents related to mostly college students are from injuries received from hazing, or if not death, injuries that will lead to infection or paralysis of limbs.

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